TLG ICT Academy


TLG ICT Academy was inaugurated as a subsidiary of TLG of Schools to facilitate teaching and learning methods using digital technologies and create opportunities to harness the knowledge from global community to address the world’s greatest challenges.


  1. Digitizing every facet of the classroom teaching and learning
  2. Training the Trainers to meet the digital challenge
  3. Embedding computation to convert ideas into digital format
  4. Creating awareness on trending technology and usage
  5. Enhance and develop the quality and effectiveness in our output
  6. On the whole developing a Eco-friendly paperless community


  1. Train the Trainer – The school’s teaching and admin staff are empowered with different level of ICT programs. Which includes
    • Microsoft Office Essentials
    • Social Media Presence
    • Being Digitally Creative
  1. Parents Online – For Parents to improve their computer skills to support their children’s learning and improve their own professional development
  1. Flash Courses
    • Photoshoot & Photoshop
    • Creating your website
    • Mobile App creations
    • View Editing
    • Digital Publications
    • Essentials to create advertising materials
  1. Awareness Session – Frequent digital awareness session in relation of using Computers and Devices, Internet, Apps, Social Media etc….

The courses are framed and offered professionally to raise the level of competency in digital skills to improve productivity at work.